If you could spare me a couple of minutes, I’d like to tell you about my DREAM.

But let’s start at the beginning.


I’ve been creating from the moment I was first able to grasp a wax crayon in my little fist and began to make my mark in the world and I haven’t stopped since.


Creating pictures by one means or another has been a daily compulsion since childhood, where I regularly entered and won many local and national art contests,

and illustrated my first published children’s book aged 16.

After studying graphic design, advertising and marketing for a number of years at Leeds Collage of Art,  I went on to build a career as a multi-discipline creative professional, working in a diverse range of fields.

And in recent years I’ve also been creating limited-edition and one-off commission art pieces

to hang on the walls of homes and businesses.

I’m really proud of all I’ve accomplished. However one thing eludes me…

…so here’s my DREAM.


For all the pictures I’ve created over the last 48 years, I’ve yet to have one hang on the wall of a recognised art gallery.


Through my recent Kickstarter campaign, I funded a piece that I have specifically produced 
for submission to the prestigious Royal Academy of Art’s
 Summer Exhibition.


The submission piece itself will be a 2 by 2 metre fine-art canvas, so the production cost alone will be significant.


Added to this we have transport costs - which has to be a bespoke delivery service that can be responsible for carefully unwrapping the canvas before it is handed over to the gallery, 

and we also have a similar return scenario whereby the canvas will need hand repacking

before being transported back to Leeds.



In order to meet these costs, plus the costs of the rewards for supporters I needed to raise £2500.

To that end, whilst the rewards offered obviously must be standardised to some degree,

I have endeavoured to include as many personalisation opportunities as practically possible.


The rewards range from a public ‘thank you’ to limited edition prints that are exclusive to this campaign, to the opportunity of you briefing and commissioning your own unique bespoke piece of art, which I will personally produce and sign.

Thanks to you all,

I couldn't have done it without you.

I'd like to say a massive thanks to all the friends, family, business associates, and complete strangers (!) who have supported the campaign with social media likes, shares, and words of encouragement. I'd like to thank the Yorkshire Mafia for their support by popping it onto their blog, and also to the various fellow members of the Elite Business Academy for their support.  I'd particularly like to express my gratitude to those who to the time, trouble and generosity to make a pledge. Those who have pledged on a rewards basis, your items will be processed in the next few weeks, some of you we will need to get in touch with in due course where a selection of artwork is required.



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