Taking inspiration from fellow Yorkshireman David Hockney, Howard has created a vibrant, extensive and growing portfolio of works produced exclusively on iPad.


The Yorkshire Collection


Howard is passionate about his home county of Yorkshire. That is the primary reason he has chosen Yorkshire as the theme for his flagship gallery collection.


The subject matter focuses on the familiar faces and places of Yorkshire. That includes everything from landscapes and landmarks to actors and writers, and of course, the man himself, his inspiration for the iPad artwork, Mr. Hockney takes pride of place amongst the county’s luminaries.


About Howard J Rushfirth


Between the years of 1986 and 1989 Howard studied at Leeds Collage of Art, which was also the seat of learning of fellow alumni Barbara Hepworth, Damien Hurst and Henry Moore, and where he personally studied for three years directly under celebrated international artist Laimonis Mierins.


In the the three decades since leaving collage Howard has enjoyed a successful career in the creative industry as a multidisciplinary designer, and with wife Kathryn currently runs his own boutique agency, Rushfirth Creative. He has also created and owns a number intellectual properties for children's media.


With his new work, Howard is deliberately attempting to regain an almost ‘child-like’ freshness and boldness with the colours and brushwork. His objective is to capture the character and personality of the subject rather than an accurate visual representation.

When the session is done, he strives to not revisit the piece, even if there are aspects that he may have done differently. What ever he has produced in the session, he pretty much 'lives with', good and bad it was all part of the experience of creating the art, it’s part of the picture.


To that end Howard views his artwork n a similar way to a live performance in that you can’t go back and change it -  it is the way it is.

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